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Deerfoot Animal Clinic is your local veterinarian offering advanced surgical options for your pets. Dr. Russell is skilled in performing cruciate ligament repairs through orthopedic procedures like TPLO. Give us a call or book online to schedule a surgical consultation today.

What is TPLO Surgery?

When dogs have a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury, similar to a human having a torn ACL, surgical correction is the fastest way to get your dog back to running and playing!

When a CCL injury occurs, there are a few different surgical options to stabilize the knee, but nothing compares to the results of a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy).

This procedure consists of cutting the top of the tibia, rotating it, and stabilizing it in a new position with a plate. The TPLO procedure has been proven to have consistent, positive outcomes–even in large, athletic dogs.

Schedule A Surgical Consultation


Dr. Scott Russell During the initial consultation at Deerfoot Animal Clinic, Dr. Russell will talk with you in more detail about the surgery and assess your pet’s eligibility for the TPLO procedure through a physical exam and pre-screening x-rays.


On the day of surgery, your pet will receive anesthesia and pain medications so they are comfortable and pain-free. After surgery they will stay with us overnight so they can be closely observed and begin rehabilitative laser therapy treatments.


Once your pet is home, they will need lots of rest to ensure a full recovery. Care instructions will be sent home with you upon discharge that contain information on the best way to help your pet heal after surgery.

12-16 Weeks

Initial recovery from TPLO surgery for dogs is an average of 12-16 weeks.

6 Months

Clearance to return to full physical activity will occur approximately 6 months after TPLO surgery.

  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) injuries make up 85% of all orthopedic injuries in dogs. Dogs can’t walk normally with a torn CCL and can get arthritis within weeks of a CCL injury.
  • An injured CCL in a dog is four times more common than the similar knee injury in people.

Dr. Scott Russell

Dr. Russell is a 1992 graduate of Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. In 1999, he designed, built, and opened the doors of Deerfoot Animal Clinic. His goal was simply a commitment to caring. For the pet, the owner, and the community, and has been doing so for the last three decades.

Dr. Russell is highly experienced in all aspects of veterinary medicine. He loves the unusual case, or those challenging to diagnose. Surgery is his passion both routine and specialized. Most recently he has been qualified to perform TPLO repair and has a true passion for orthopedic surgeries. He truly loves a challenge.

Outside of work, Dr. Russell enjoys his family and chocolate lab, working on his farm, hunting, and traveling when he has a chance. He loves meeting new clients, and their pets and still carries on his commitment to caring.

50% Off Surgical Consult

Referral Discount

Enjoy 50% off your initial surgical consultation when your regular veterinarian refers you to us. Please mention this offer when booking your consultation with Dr. Russell to receive the discount.

Dr. Russell and the staff at Deerfoot Animal Clinic are phenomenal, courteous, and friendly. Our dog, Amelia, actually loves going to the vet’s office! Whether it’s for a checkup, boarding, or surgery, Amelia is always happy to see the staff.
One Spring, she had a little too much fun in the backyard and tore both of her ACLs at the same time. Amelia couldn’t walk or use her back legs at all, and we were devastated and unsure of what to do or where to start. We reached out to Deerfoot and were immediately reassured and set at ease. Dr. Russell and his team made a surgery plan with us and took remarkable care of our sweet girl, twice.

Amelia has been able to bounce back swiftly and is almost completely back to her old self; loud and rambunctious. We are so incredibly thankful for all that Deerfoot Animal Clinic has done!

The Eddy Family